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Sebastián Bogado

Software Engineer @ Medallia


Sebastián is a software engineer passionate about everything around JavaScript, its ecosystem and its thriving community. He has experience with the JS stack in both server side and client side applications, not only webapps but also on mobile and smart devices. He currently works at Medallia, the global leader in Customer Experience Management.

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Building your ideal codebase: monorepos & multirepos living in harmony

Our experience finding the balance between applications, teams, packages and versioning using the best of monorepos and multirepos approach Long description: In popular libraries like Babel and Jest, all their code live in the same repository and from there, many independent packages are published. Those repositories are called monorepos and are usually presented against multirepos (one repo per publishable package). In this talk we will share our experience with a large application suite where monorepos live in a multirepos ecosystem. We will go through the pros and cons of both approaches and the requirements our ideal codebase must meet.