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Nikolay Matvienko

Software Engineer @ Grid Dynamics


He is a big fan of diagnostics and performance optimization of Node.js applications. They do a digital transformation for large US e-commerce companies using Node.js. He has a solid experience of troubleshooting in Node.js.

details about the talk

Decomposition of the Main Thread in Node.js to increase throughput

I’ll tell about new best practices of large Node.js apps, which allow to increase throughput by 10X times (with demo).

The growth of functionality in Enterprise applications often leads to a decline in throughput. We start with the dispersion of the Main Thread and spread it into a spectrum of operations. We learn which of these operations we can offload from the Main Thread to threads/workers/processes, and how to do that. We select successful ways of parallelization for each type of operation, consider the benefits and limitations. Compare the throughput after the Main Thread decomposition.