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Matias Woloski

CTO @ Auth0


Matias Woloski is the CTO and co-founder of Auth0, an identity platform for developers that provides authentication, authorization and single-sign-on as a service that handles 1.5 billion logins a month. And it’s built on Node.

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Learnings from starting a company

This is not a technical talk about Node or Javascript. Although, I am a developer and Node was a big part of the story of how Auth0 started.

I knew nothing about startups or Silicon Valley. Before Auth0, I co-founded a consulting company but never built a product before. Auth0 started in 2013 and today is a 400+ people company across 25+ countries selling to customers in 70+ countries. In this talk, I will share some the learnings that lead to create Auth0. Hopefully my journey will sparkle something on you.