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Martin Valdes
de Leon

Software Architect @ sovanta AG


Started coding 20 years ago and have not stopped since. He believes strongly-typed functional programming is the future. As a software architect at sovanta AG, He helps build their internal microservices platform using node.

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Changing the rules with magic APIs!

We are all library authors: We all want our code to be reused, publicly or privately. Writing useful code helps, but useful does not mean usable.

We've seen how libraries with easy to use APIs triumph over those with complicated ones, even if they offer more features. And even great ideas can see adoption impaired because of their API (looking at you rxjs).

Luckily, JavaScript is an evolving language. And some of the less-used features of ES6 hold the potential to game-changing API design. Let's break from the chains of traditional APIs and embrace some magic with Proxies and tagged templates!