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Jonathan Díaz & Raúl Hermann

Principal Software Engineer @ Kelsus


Jonathan and Raul are friends and Kelsus's Principals in South America. Moved to Node.js after a long history as iOS developers. Recently worked to standardize Kelsus projects with a consistent CI/CD pipeline with Node.js, AWS, and Docker.

details about the workshop

Running microservices securely with Docker on AWS’s ECS

Basic knowledge on Docker is assumed. We will show a refreshing approach to managing your Dockerized production software with AWS’s ECS. ECS is more approachable than the well known Kubernetes, and sufficiently powerful for most production deployments. We will demonstrate from beginning to end deploying a microservice with ECS including everything from pushing docker images to AWS’s Elastic Container Registry through to managing secrets in AWS’s secrets manager and finally running and autoscaling inside ECS with a connection to an RDS postgres database.