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István Szmozsánszky

Skylark / Mozilla


István Szmozsánszky (or Flaki, for short) teaches JS & frontend development, working with Mozilla's DevRel team promoting modern web technologies. He loves JS internals & playing (quite literally!) with microcontrollers.

Approaching the JavaScript Singularity

Developers are quick to complain about "JavaScript Fatigue", the perceived high volatility of libraries, tooling and the JavaScript language itself — yet very few look at these changes and additions as a whole. In this talk I will take some of JavaScript's new features with the biggest transformative potential (ES Modules, WebAssembly, the DOM-Node.js API convergence), and I try to showcase what they mean for web development and how, when used together, they are able to address various hurdles and complaints that have been plaguing Node.js & web development for a long time.

Clouduboy - create JS games for microcontrollers

Explore, tinker, play - learn how to create your very own retro pixelart games for tiny Arduino-based pocket-sized game consoles reminiscent of Gameboy's glory days. Best thing? Thanks to Clouduboy — my open-source project, also used by enthusiasts and coding bootcamps — you can now do this entirely in your browser, all in JavaScript with the same language and techniques you already know (and love)! At the workshop you could use some of the off-the-shelf tiny pocket game consoles provided or build your own to learn a bit about JavaScript on microcontrollers (a.k.a — buzzword warning! — IoT).