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Isabella Silveira

Software Engineer @Work&Co


Isa is a software engineer building digital products at Work&Co. Big time web performance and machine learning enthusiast, throughout her career, she has worked with scientific research at COPPE, one of Brazil’s most prestigious research organizations, and nowadays works both on back and front end applications. She has worked on products from world class companies like the Stanford University, Planned Parenthood and Elo. Never turns down a good talk and a beer, in her free time she thinks about how can she make the world a better place while playing with her dogs and practicing slalom skating.

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What if Picasso was a robot? Teaching art to the machine

Machine learning is revolutionizing the world as we know it: recommender systems that know exactly what we’re into, ear phones capable of translating entire conversations on the fly and even predictive power to help us guess what the future may look like. But what about art? Can we teach machines how to be creative and come up with new art styles? In this talk you’ll see what happens when we mix computational power and the greatest works of art the world has ever seen! And guess what? All that using nodejs. Hold tight, art class is about to start!