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Daniel Khan

Lead Technology Strategist @ Dynatrace


Daniel has over 17 years of experience working in development. As Lead Technology Strategist, Daniel is driving the support for Node.js Diagnostics, Serverless, CNCF projects like Kubernetes and OpenTracing at Dynatrace

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Tracing Node. The Open Source Edition.

Node alone doesn’t guarantee flawless code execution with stellar performance and finding problems in distributed systems is hard.

Tracing gives you both visibility into distributed code execution and the data you need to optimize performance and remove flaws in your code.

Join my talk where I cover

- the key performance metrics and how to collect them from Node.js

- challenges of asynchronous tracing and content propagation

- the different Open Source approaches and their use cases

- an end-to-end live sample that shows you how to get started with tracing your apps today