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Dan Shaw

Strategic Advisor


Dan Shaw, aka “dshaw”, has dedicated his career to growing the Node.js Ecosystem. He was instrumental in the formation of the Node.js Foundation where he served on the Board as Director. He is known as "The Godfather of Node.js” for his tireless efforts to build community and align the needs of developers and business leaders.He is a keynote speaker and speaks about Leadership, Node.js, JavaScript and Digital Transformation. He is recognizable as the “Voice of Node.js” as long-time host of the NodeUp podcast. He has created numerous events like EnterpriseJS, NodeDay, SFNode, SFNodeBots, and Nodebots Day to provide opportunities to share knowledge and learn.
He created the first consulting company dedicated to Node.js called The Node Firm and then the first commercial entity to productize Node.js with NodeSource. Today, Dan Shaw works across the industry providing leadership as a Strategic Advisor to companies looking grow their presence and work effectively with Node.js.

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Node.js and the Web Platform

The Node.js started its technology journey as a web application development platform. JavaScript is the lingua franca of the Web. JavaScript is the number one language in active usage and has been for several years, having long since surpassed Java. The original choice of JavaScript as Node.js’s language tied the Node.js platform to the Web Platform. 8 years later and now Node.js is a technology superpower. It is frequently referred to as a language. Node.js success is deeply tied to the continued success of the Web Platform and the dominance of JavaScript. What does this mean for future of Node.js? What does Node.js’s position mean for the Web Platform? How can we ensure that Node.js reaches its full potential? What are the ecosystem opportunities today and in the future for Node.js and the Web Platform?