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Anjana Vakil

Engineering Learning & Development Lead @ Mapbox


A software developer with a debilitating case of curiosity, Anjana leads Engineering Learning & Development at Mapbox, and speaks about coding at events worldwide. Ask her about the Recurse Center, Outreachy, & Mozilla!

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From Big-Band Web App to Serverless Bebop: Jazz up Express with AWS Lambda

This talk will take a real-world look at what makes serverless so jazzy. Walking through the refactor of a Node Express app used internally at Mapbox, I'll share how we transformed a hard-to-maintain web app into a collection of independent AWS Lambda functions, and why: lower bills, better code, and happier teams. We'll cover when, why and how to take your architectural jazz to the next level and enjoy the artistic freedom of serverless functions - and listen to a little music along the way!